— Mountain Bikes —

BaliRoadBike is not only road cycling. We also offer Mountain Bike tours for our mtb lovers. Please have a look at our tours below and choose your preferred tour. Please note that all our Mountain Bike tours are offered on-road. No off-road tracks are available at the moment.

The tours leave at 8am from our shop in Jalan Kejng Ubud

Same as for our RoadBike tours, also when Mountain Biking we never have more than three or four riders on the road together. Therefore you can enjoy the ride and the surroundings with no rush, and no stress!!! Forget about all those other companies offering tours for big groups of 20+ people.

At BaliRoadBike we focus on quality, not quantity. We focus on YOU

Ricefields Ride 1 - easy - 40km

Enjoy the ricefields and the magic of the villages and temples around Ubud


Ricefields Ride 2 - easy - 40km

Alternative route, same fun and charme


Kintamani DownHill - very easy - 40km

Nice descent from up the volcano all the way down to Ubud